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A WordPress website is defined by its best-in-the-class features and ease of usage. Cyblance is a WordPress developer company with specialization overextending WordPress functionality to deliver the finest of websites. Our websites score high over aesthetics and functionality parameters alike. Our expertise across making WordPress websites is varied. We create fine WordPress websites for clients across domains ranging from fintech and banking through to news and blogging. 

At Cyblance, we code plugins in ways that make them come out to be an exact match for your requirements. The websites may comprise APIs, custom post types and taxonomies. Each aspect of website design and development follows best practices to ensure high performance and SERPs for the website. The websites are oriented towards the end-users. The navigation is intuitive and aesthetic UI/UX keeps the websites user-friendly. 

WordPress makes a range of themes available for your selection, based upon your preference and domain of operation. We also specialize in Wordpress theme development and create custom WordPress themes that are a perfect match for your requirements. With our responsive WordPress themes, the websites deliver a prime performance across devices and screen sizes. You can also hire a WordPress website developer from Cyblance.

With over 10,000 WordPress themes available, choosing the one best suited to your requirements may be difficult. Here is a list of top 5 among the finest of WordPress themes with many delighted users:

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1. Divi

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme and the most popular among the category. A drag and drop builder comes in-built with the theme. The theme comes with 20 pre-designed layouts ready to work upon. With Cyblance as a WordPress developer, you can come up with a customized responsive theme made over Divi with ease. With custom layouts saved in the Divi library, they can be reused with ease at a later point in time.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder goes beyond being a theme. It is instead a complete page builder plugin that operates nicely with all themes. With expertise over WordPress plugin development, Cyblance comes by as the prime alternative for creating websites using Beaver Builder. Themes are easy to use with Beaver Builder block by block. This makes complex websites as well with ease. We are the WordPress developer in india to accomplish the task for you in minimum project turnaround times. Beaver builder comes with a range of creative templates.

3. Astra

Astra is the most customizable among WordPress themes and comes with a range of fine demos. Launching a site with elaborate functionalities is made easier with Astra. They have a range of demos which further make customizing the look easier. Cyblance is the right WordPress development company to make the best of WordPress websites using Astra. Astra offers the capabilities to turn off sidebars and page titles. It also blends in seamlessly with page builders such as Beaver Builder.

4. Studio Press

StudioPress is among the best of premium WordPress theme hubs. Its themes are created over the Genesis framework and work seamlessly with Gutenberg and WordPress Editor. 

StudioPress is the topmost among managed WordPress hosting providers. They even got an all in one package for themes, and one can choose among the finest of themes and use the one that best meets his preference. Cyblance is the WordPress web developer that delivers the best of results working with StudioPress.

5. Avada

Avada is the ultimate choice among WordPress themes as the #1 selling theme of all time. It is the first among original WordPress themes and comes with over 255 web page designs, pre-made. The theme lets one started quickly and reflects over project turnaround times, with Cyblance as your WordPress developer. The drag and drop builder enables thousands of options for customization, and your website comes out in the best of ways anticipated.

Even the best of WordPress themes are not expensive. But the effect over the website is worth the expenditure. They will let your website deliver the finest of outcomes for years to come. By choosing the right theme, having the desired features for the website becomes easier. Cyblance is WordPress experts that make sure that your website is just the kind as you desire. WordPress has fine themes for creating websites such as business websites, eCommerce websites, and blogging websites.