Life at Launch!

Coding is the present and the future. Here at Launch, we believe every student should have the opportunity to learn and have fun with this exciting skill! We aren’t afraid to challenge standard education with progressive, challenging, and gamified learning for all kids.

What does life at Launch look like? Let’s check it out!

The Average Day

Launch kids start their coding journey at the Launch facilities, friendly, open, learner-focused centers where they have access to prime technology, team collaboration, and enthusiastic instructors.

They launch (get it?) the program on their individual computers, where they can see their dashboard, personalized to each student and learner. There they see their progress, objectives, daily activities, and all their upcoming projects (parents can see this too!).

Students follow the Launch curriculum within the program with a variety of coding challenges and instruction to meet learning styles, plus games, projects, videos, and even graphic organizers and robotics to support their code learning.

While Launch kids learn, they get to collaborate with their peers, working together to solve coding or robotics projects. They also work one-on-one or in teams with their instructors.

Go along with us for a welcome just day of fun and learning at our organization base camp in Austin, TX. You will meet key officials at Code Galaxy and get an inside look at our instruction program, advertising and business frameworks. You will be given a hands-on voyage through a Code Galaxy Coding With Kids Franchise and meet with a Code Galaxy Center executive.

Launch instructors are proud engineers and teachers happy to help, guide, and support the learning process for kids, but in the end, its the students who feel empowered by the work they’ve done!

kids coding languages
kids coding languages

Life/Code/Fun Balance

At Launch, we provide the coding goods, but we let kids and parents choose their schedule and pace. We know every brain is unique and works differently. We respect that by offering a variety of time slots per week, and students work at the pace they feel comfortable with, sometimes depending on their own personal schedule or depending on what project they’re working on. They want more time to get creative with their web pages or apps in design or animation? Go for it! They need a little more time and support from their instructors because of a certain exercise? No problem! In the end, every student progresses, and every student finds success, on their terms… just with our help.

A New Way of Thinking

Life at Launch goes beyond the average day. The coding skills and kids coding languages learn will change and challenge the way they see the world. Instead of thinking an app or software works like magic, they’ll think “I can code that.”

As their brains expand with fresh new ideas and perspectives, this will support their brain in all areas, from math to science, language arts and technology.

With coding, Launch kids learn to take risks, be innovative, and get creative!