Is Social Media Strangulating SEO?

San Jose SEO Services

San Jose SEO Services was the sole runner, serving you for ages to get your website ranking higher on search engine results. Then came in Social media marketing which went on to engage the target customers using the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media has the power to not just drive traffic to your site but also help you in brand building. They can get you fan following for your product and service.

But if you were to deliberate on which is more effective among San Jose SEO Services and Social media, that would be futile. Both are an integral part of online marketing. Social media is not an alternative to San Jose SEO Services; rather, both complement each other. One cannot be as effective without the other. Any business which can perfectly integrate both into its marketing strategy will surely achieve success. Both have to be accorded equal importance and that will get your business recognition, help build your brand, get customers to your website and consequently, sales.

Striking the right balance is essential; but often challenging. Leading search engines like Google give equal weight age to the social standing of your business. To figure on top of Google the search engine should be able to navigate smoothly through your website; the content on your site should be relevant to your business and of high quality and it should be such that people would want to share it. San Jose SEO Services is no longer done the traditional way. It is not just about keywords and building links. Content plays a major role in San Jose SEO Services now. Through social media you can work on the reputation of your business and win the trust of your potential customers with the help of recommendations and testimonials from your earlier satisfied customers.

Social media will help you get traffic on to your site and more traffic means higher visibility for you on the search engines. Most people are now mobile savvy and are forever searching for products and services while on the move. Reaching out to these customers is equally essential as being visible to those searching on their computers. Social media is a strong ally to San Jose SEO Services in this endeavor. It helps you to be constantly in the eye of the target audience. They will know exactly where to reach out to you when they are looking for you. This ensures sure shot conversions for your business.

Link building activities could often be manipulated, but social media marketing agency cannot be tampered with. So search engines have started giving more credence to the business’ social media marketing.

To conclude, adopt the ethical search engine optimization techniques and simultaneously work on creating an authentic social media presence and see fortune start favoring you…