Arabic to English Oxford Translation Abu Dhabi

With the increasing economy of Abu Dhabi, it is no wonder that people from all over the world come here. Whether it is to settle here to spend a better life than their homeland has to offer, or if it is for business purposes, the one main problem is the language barrier.

As people of different ethnicities gather in one place, they must find a means to communicate. With Arabic being the local language of UAE and English being the most popular means to interact internationally, companies that offer Arabic to English Oxford Translation Abu Dhabi are very important.

Translation requires more than just the change of script from one language to another. It is not merely a substitute of words from one language to another. Rather translation is a mixture of science, art and skill. Therefore we need to look for translation companies that offer a blend of these three attributes to avoid any kind of miscommunication that can lead to devastating outcomes.

English is the most popularly spoken language worldwide has lost its dialect. There are many different versions of the English language acquired in different areas, such as American English, Australian English, etcetera.

However, the most formal and correct English is the one spoken in Britain and is approved by Oxford. This should be the English that is formally used in all serious kinds of dealings. Hence when hiring a company, one should be careful to look for the one which claims to translate from Arabic into English as approved by Oxford.

Who can use the services that provide Arabic to English Oxford Translation Abu Dhabi

  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs

With the impressive economic stability, large markets, and steady growth rate, UAE and Abu Dhabi have been a choice of many investors and entrepreneurs for years. It has many business-friendly policies such as

  • zero currency limitations
  • freedom to operate the company from all over UAE
  • zero corporate tax
  • an extensive range of license types
  • permission for many types of business to operate
  • Dubai market, which is a business hub
  • zero personal income tax
  • easy to get work visas
  • The choice to repatriate hundred percent profit and capitals

All these factors make UAE and Abu Dhabi an easy place to start a business with minimal hassle when it comes to registration and licensing.

Naturally, all these lucrative policies of Abu Dhabi have also improved the business relations of the UAE with the UK. Overtime the business relationships between the two areas have improved to such an extent that UAE has an embassy in London while the UK has its own embassy located in Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai.

Moreover, with UK being UAE’s 14th biggest export market and 18th substantial trading partner, it is understandable that communication between the Arabs and British is inevitable and everyday new business is set up between the two countries. Hence in a situation such as this translation companies that provide the service of Arabic to English Oxford translation Abu Dhabi can be of great use for the people of both ethnicities.

There are many legal papers that are involved when it comes to setting up businesses, such as employment agreements, meeting minutes, business plans and reports, financial agreements, etc. All such agreements need to be translated from Arabic to correct English and vice versa as approved by Oxford incorrect grammar to avoid any legal misunderstandings in the future.

  • Foreign students

In recent times thanks to technology and the internet, the world has become a global village. Young students have become more and more aware of the many benefits that come with studying abroad. It is an opportunity to improve your language skills, see the world, experience new culture, have a wider and more diverse friend circle, increase future career opportunities and overall grow as a human being.

To make full use of these benefits, many students in Abu Dhabi plan to go to other countries such as the UK for higher studies.

However, Arabic being the local language of Abu Dhabi creates a language barrier for these students who need to make sure all of their required documents are submitted in Oxford approved English instead of Arabic in the foreign universities outside of UAE.

To solve this problem, translation companies that provide Arabic to English oxford translation Abu Dhabi are very beneficial.

Documents such as:

  • Transcripts
  • Test scores
  • CV
  • Letters of recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Importance (SOP)
  • Application forms

can easily be translated with the help of these translation companies. If you opt for a registered and well-renowned company, it will make the job easier for you. As such, companies will make sure all your important documents are correctly translated in the Oxford approved English at the right time and in the correct manner while also maintaining the discretion of your documents.

  • Tourists

UAE is famous for its tall buildings and exotic spots internationally. People from all over the world come to see the Burj Khalifa, enjoy the thrills of Ferrari World, explore the mystical architecture of Zayed Mosque, provide a visual feast to their eyes at Sharjah Arts Museum and so much more.

This creates an opportunity for the locals residing in Abu Dhabi to act as the tour guide for all these tourists who come to UAE with full pockets after saving money all year. By taking the help of translation companies that provide Arabic to English Oxford translation Abu Dhabi, they can help these foreign tourists who cannot speak the local language and hence make a yearly source of income for themselves and their families.

  • Immigrants

Companies that provide Arabic to English Oxford translation Abu Dhabi can be very beneficial for immigrants that are not Arabic. They can easily translate their documents such as visas, birth certificates, passports, etcetera in the local language. This is vital for the immigration process of the UAE.


With the growing economy and population of UAE and thus Abu Dhabi and English is the common means of communication worldwide. Companies that provide services such as Arabic to English Oxford translation Abu Dhabi can prove to be of immense importance for both locals as well as foreigners.