The Hottest Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta

The hottest DJs. Insane parties. The red carpet VIP experience. Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s premier destination for pristine beaches, exotic flavors, and serene relaxation. But when the sun goes down, another side of the city wakes up. The streets come alive with an electricity that can only be felt in PV.

Street vendors laugh as they sling zesty fish tacos and crispy churros, locals relax with beers in hand along the beachfront malecon (boardwalk), and the nightclubs open their doors to another world of beats, dancing, lights, and emotion. But don’t be fooled into stepping into any old nightclub in PV.

The tourism industry is booming in this former fishing village, and that means that there are tourist traps everywhere. These subpar discotecas charge outrageous prices and cut costs by using poor equipment and hiring cheap DJs. It’s easy to wander into a club like this, but you’ll end up paying double for a disappointment.

You do NOT want to be the only one at the beach the next day who missed out on the night of their life. If you’ve come to Puerto Vallarta for the best in Mexican nightlife, then you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to follow our advice.

The Best Nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta

Our list of the best nightclubs in PV was compiled by real Puerto Vallarta residents and partygoers. We love everything about our town, especially the epic party scene.

We’ve watched nightclubs open and close their doors over the years, but only the ones that have stood the test of time deliver the unforgettable experiences you can only find here. These are the Puerto Vallarta nightclubs that you cannot miss.

Bar Morelos

It’s a lounge. It’s a bar. It’s a club. It’s a venue. There’s nothing that Bar Morelos doesn’t have, which is what makes it a great place to stay from dusk ‘til dawn. The atmosphere is relaxed yet refined. The comfortable couches lining the floor make for great places to do a little flirting while sipping a signature cocktail from the bar.

Look up and you’ll see Bar Morelos’ famous chandeliers reflecting the thousands of streaming fairy lights on the ceiling. The aurora borealis of soft purple and green mood lighting gives this bar a jazzy, psychedelic feel.

Live music and DJs are a staple at Bar Morelos. Whether its authentic mariachi or rock hits, there’s always a groove to dance to. To turn up the energy, head upstairs and hit the dance floor. You’ll find only the freshest DJs spinning Latin dance, hip-hop, reggaeton, and EDM beats all night.

Bar Morelos hosts a young and hip crowd, so be sure to dress the part. You won’t regret it when someone grabs your hand and pulls you in for a dance. Bar Morelos is waiting. Book your VIP experience at this swanky space bar and club now.


Biblioteca means “library” in Spanish, but don’t worry, this place is not for the quiet. This Puerto Vallarta nightclub is truly a spectacle for the senses. Wild parties every weekend feature incredible lighting that strafes the entire club.

Top DJs from around the world pump dance, electronic and reggaeton beats from towering speakers. And expert mixologists prepare cocktails that glow, smolder, and ignite!

Biblioteca is located in the heart of the tourist center of the city, so it’s easy to get there, and it’s a great place to meet travelers and locals alike. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone who convinces you to extend your stay!

One of the best things about Biblioteca is its VIP package. VIP guests have private access to comfortable couches and a dedicated wait staff.

There’s no need to wait in long lines to get one of Biblioteca’s famous concoctions. And if you don’t finish a bottle you’ve ordered for the table, Biblioteca will save it for your next visit. Reserve your VIP table at Biblioteca today.

La Vaquita

Part warehouse and part funhouse, La Vaquita does just about everything except take itself seriously.Splashes of color and a wacky, cow-themed design (vaquita means “little cow”) help to make dancing in PV what it should be—lighthearted and fun!

But don’t be fooled; the atmosphere might be funky, but the parties are some of the wildest in the city.Amazing DJs play top hits, House, EDM and more as bartenders keep the crowds on their feet with a wide array of pyrotechnics.

This is definitely not the place to wear your Armani and spend the night staring at the floor.This is the place to put someone on your shoulders, pop a bottle of champagne and salute the giant flying cow suspended from the ceiling!

If you need to take a break from one of PV’s craziest dance floors, you can relax on upper-level seating and enjoy views of the picturesque Banderas Bay. But be warned, this spot is incredibly romantic! Do La Vaquita right with a VIP package. Book now.

La Santa

La Santa is a true example of why Puerto Vallarta nightclubs are the best in the world. This rollicking club is one of the trendiest in the city, but it is in no way pretentious. People of all ages and from all places come here to move to top 40 hits, dance, and hip-hop and to get wild on the dance floor.

It’s almost impossible not to meet someone special at La Santa. The Latin beats and decadent décor create an atmosphere of flirtatious fun that can’t be matched.b La Santa doesn’t skimp on anything.

It’s one of the most popular clubs on Banderas Bay because its parties just keep getting better.

We’re talking incredible light shows, pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, smoke machines and so much more. And the drinks? Impeccable. La Santa’s cocktails were crafted by master mixologists and are exclusive to the club. La Santa cannot be missed. Book your VIP package today.


One of the most famous bachelore party nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, Mandala is a true gift to those who want to dance the night away. The doors don’t close at this two-floor club until 6 am, so when the other bars are announcing last call, your night won’t even have peaked. And how the time does fly. Mandala features Southeast Asian design mixed with digital elements straight out of an 80s-style video game, leaving you feeling like you’re in an entirely different time and place.

Trendy locals and foreign fashionistas come here to forget about the world for a while and let loose to the beats of celebrated DJs.

If you’re looking for a new dance partner, you’re sure to find one at this exotic club known for having one of the steamiest dance floors in PV. A VIP table makes all the difference at Mandala. Book yours now.

La Strana

We saved Strana for last, because if it was first on this list, you may have stopped reading. We promise your jaw will drop when you walk through its doors. This Puerto Vallarta nightclub brings to mind a huge gothic cathedral. Say goodbye to smoky clubs with low ceilings, Strana is open, epic, and full of life. This club is known to be the top pick of the chic and sexy of PV, so make sure you dress to kill.

Grab an icy cocktail in one hand and a new friend in the other and make your way to the front of the dance floor. There, you’ll find panoramic screens displaying digital light shows and at the center, a world-class DJ mixing pop hits, reggae and more.

Strana is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta Nightlife, and it’s located just outside the city. For these reasons and more, it’s best to book a VIP table in advance. Don’t waste your vacation waiting in line. Book a VIP table at Strana now.