Best Practices For Using LinkedIn For Sales Prospecting

Complete Guide to LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn InMail is the true power of LinkedIn for almost all sales managers. InMail is one the best and most efficient ways to use LinkedIn for your sales activities. This feature is incredible because it allows you reach high-quality business leads directly, with high conversion rates.

LinkedIn InMail is a great tool for sales, but is it suitable for sales outreach? This guide will answer this question and provide key information about LinkedIn InMail.

What are InMail credits and how can I get them?

InMail credits are the number of InMail messages you can send to LinkedIn users, even if they’re not your friends. Your account type will determine how many InMail credits you receive. You will not receive any InMail credits if you have a LinkedIn free account.

If you have a LinkedIn Premium Account, you’ll receive 5 InMails per month. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional accounts offer 20 InMails per Month, while the Team version offers 30 InMails. To use all of these you can try here.

InMail For Outreach: Is it effective?

Most users today are annoyed by a connection limit of 20 per hour or 100 requests per week. You might consider changing your outreach if this is the case.

Moreover, if your new Linked in connection limit is not being applied to you like others, this could be due to the following reasons:

  • Your acceptance rate is lower or below 70% on average.
  • LinkedIn profiles are not properly populated or require boosting your LinkedIn SSI.
  • There are several connection requests pending.

LinkedIn can limit your outreach request requests at any moment, even if the regulations are followed and the platform is used in the correct way.

This is the most recent update from LinkedIn. You need to get used it. This helps you stay on top of your LinkedIn campaigns and serves as a reminder.

However, LinkedIn gives you leverage by allowing more people to accept your connections requests than standard. This will allow you to offer more invites and give you more opportunities.

It is not clear what LinkedIn is doing to cause this change. We can tell that LinkedIn is trying to increase the number of users who connect with each other, particularly those who are already friends.

Let’s say you are experiencing problems with the latest LinkedIn update. We have an efficient and fresh solution for. This guideline will allow you to avoid the connection limit completely and book many calls using automated open InMails.

Re-optimize your outreach campaign is the first step. You will also need to create LinkedIn InMails. These are some tips to optimize your outreach campaigns.

Further developing your customer personas

This is the most important step in understanding your market and target audience. These are the details you should know about your audience.

  • Which groups are they most likely to hang out in and why?
  • Which type of content and LinkedIn posts they are most interested in.
  • Which content is most appealing to them.

Once you have a complete understanding of your target market, it is possible to identify your B2B audiences.

Engagements –People who are active and like your posts but never buy from you will be highly engaged.

ICP –People working in the same industry as you will seamlessly fit into your customer persona.

Event organizers –These users organize and host events that you would like to speak at, or that are related to your job. You can then use LinkedIn to find like-minded people and scrape the events.

Co-pilots This includes users with the same target market, but offer different solutions to users.

LinkedIn Open InMail Best Practices

LinkedIn’s InMail feature allows you to send messages directly

It’s best to review the top LinkedIn InMail best practices before we get into the automated InMail outreach function.

These are the best practices for sending LinkedIn InMails.

  • Keep it simple and to-the-point
  • Personalize.
  • Include a CTA.
  • Recheck the targeting.

InMails that are too long or not in context are not something anyone likes to read. Business people are busy and don’t enjoy long LinkedIn messages, especially from strangers.

InMail messages can contain 200 characters as the subject and around 2000 characters in the body paragraph. These are sufficient to grab prospects’ attention and can result in a higher response rate than traditional cold calls if used correctly.


This is another way to get a prospect’s attention. Many users don’t like the old LinkedIn templates and outdated content. Personalization is effective if it’s done correctly.

Users also tend to use the traditional approach of names, organization names and generic compliments. This is a common practice. Conversational messages are better than formal ones in this instance.

Personalized messages can be tailored to one prospect only and they are not intended for everyone. Simply put, personalized messages and lines cannot be used for all prospects.

Include a clear CTA

Whether you want to approach them for a sales opportunity or influencer outreach.

Whatever the purpose of your outreach campaign is, it’s important to include a clear CTA at mail’s end.

The point is that prospects will be able to see clear CTAs at the end of your message if they are speed reading it (which is most people).

Even if they don’t understand what you’re asking, even if they do read it on the go, they’ll assume that your cold message isn’t important and will not bother to read.

Alternatively, if they scroll to the end of your message and notice that you are asking about their preferred time and mode, they will be able to tell you that they want to call you. They will likely read the remainder of your message and decide if it is relevant.


This concludes this comprehensive guide to LinkedIn InMail and how it can be used for outreach campaigns and other marketing activities.

No matter what your business goals, LinkedIn InMail can help you reach professionals, businesses, and owners. It is a great way to create a network of relevant followers and get qualified leads.