How To Schedule a Work Order Using Fire Protection Scheduling Software

How To Schedule a Work Order Using Fire Protection Scheduling Software

Scheduling a work order is a part of your daily routine. If you are providing field service work and you are scheduling fire protection work orders for technicians, subcontractors you need to have an efficient system that supports your needs. A single mistake can put work into the backlog. And not to forget the paper-based work orders piling up on your desk.

Here is a simple solution for you –a fire protection schedule. the software is simple and efficient to meet your needs while also streamlines the process right from the call from the customers to sending out the invoice. So, let’s begin. 

Customer Calls 

Currently, your customer care executives take down the notes and then fill out the work orders. But with fire protection scheduling software, they can directly start building the work order. The efficient system can help them pull out the old work orders and take down only some new information in fire systems. Also, it makes it easy for them to pull up information on their maintenance contract. This alone cuts down the service calls and also helps you provide faster and improved services. 

Building the work order 

How To Schedule a Work Order Using Fire Protection Scheduling Software

Meanwhile, you have already added the small details such as customer name, contact, and address now it’s time to get down to the specific details of the work order. Information provided by the customer helps you provide appropriate services to the client. A lot of time handwritten notes can be misread by the technicians, the computerized copy eliminates these risks. this makes it easy for you to provide specific services with a pre-built checklist. Also, if you are opting for a field service management application along with fire protection scheduling software it would streamline the work more.

Adding parts from inventory 

You get more control over the inventory as you are able to keep a check on what is going out and what is coming in your inventory. With a dedicated dashboard specifically to manage your inventory, you almost never run out of stock. And you would know what are the things that have been taken out by what technician at what time in what quantity for what order. In short, you get real-time updates on the inventory. Also, invoicing becomes easier as you can just directly place the billing with the work order. 

Scheduling the work order

How To Schedule a Work Order Using Fire Protection Scheduling Software

Now that everything from your end is ready, all you have to do is check out what technicians are available with the right skill set for the job. Just by using a few keywords, you can get the entire list of technicians that are available and send out the work order on their mobile device. This means the technicians don’t have to come to the office to pick up the work order, directly they can reach the client and provide the best services.

Completion of the order

Once the order is completed using the same mobile application, they can directly collect the virtual customer signature and close the service call. The invoice can be processed then and there. Also, the efficient system allows them to add the work details, photos, and what was the expense. Additional information on parts can also be attached for you to process the invoice. Further, you can add a tab for the customers to review the technician service.