Gua Sha Tools: How to Choose the Right One for You

We have all heard about the Gua Sha benefits or the Gua Sha facial massage technique but do all the shapes confuse you? How do you know what Gua Sha tool is best for your face or body? We get these questions a lot and want to outline all shapes and which Gua Sha tool for and Gua Sha technique based on shape is best for your needs.

The Classic – The Face GUA SHA Tool 

We designed the ergonomic shape to specifically fit the contours of the face. The V shaped groove is to lift the jawline and help soothe TMJ discomfort.  Use the remaining sides of the tool to glide across your face and neck to soften fine lines, perform lymphatic drainage, detox the skin, and tighten facial muscles.  Are you wondering whether you should use Rose Quartz or Jade Gua sha tool check out this post that goes in depth about the difference

  • Facial Massage
  • Contour Muscles
  • Microcirculation for product absorption
  • Lift Muscles
  • Ease TMJ
  • Blur Fine Lines
  • De-Puff The Face
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Detox The Skin
  • Sculpt And Define Contours
  • Brighten The Face

The Face And Body GUA SHA Tool

The H shaped tool is designed to meet your face and body massage needs. Soothe and define muscles for both face and body. Use post workout to detox and knead out tight muscles.  Like the heart shaped tool, it can be doubled up to lift the jawline and help with TMJ green aventurine vs jade.

  •  Sculpt Facial Contours
  • Sculpt And Detox Body Muscles
  • Soothe Muscle
  • TMJ
  • Sculpt Jawline
  • Brighten Complexion
  • Perform Facial Gua Sha Massage
  • Perform Body Gua Sha Massage

 The Eye GUA SHA

The Shape of the Eye Gua Sha tool was designed to use the larger or smaller end of the tool on the location of eye or face by blue stick. It can double up and be used on back of neck to help with tension migraines.

  • De-Puff The Eyes
  • Brighten Eye area
  • Sculpt Cheekbones
  • Smooth Fine Liens
  • Brighten Complexion

The Epic Acupressure GUA SHA (Face)

This tool is where Gua Sha massage meets acupressure. We have included instructions with  our tool where to use the acupressure side to press, stimulate, and active acupressure points. Activating these points in combination with the Gua Sha technique will maximize your at home DIY facial.

  • Lift
  • Tone
  • Firm
  • Blur Fine Lines
  • De-puff
  • Detox
  • Acupressure To Stimulate Energy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Tension Migraines
  • TMJ