Understanding Black Belt Level Of Lean Six Sigma


The Black Belt Level Of The Six Sigma Program

There are four basic levels to the Six Sigma belt system and each one has a special significance. The colors are White, Yellow, Green and Black. There are also executives and champions that work with these belt professionals to aid organizations in increasing profits, productivity, services and employee job satisfaction. The Master Black belt could be mentioned as one of the belt levels, but at this level, the individual would be working in a consultant position, having the knowledge of the Six Sigma methods and would train Black and Green belts to be effective leaders using these methods. They function more as a training program than as an individual belt color.

The Black belts will lead the teams. They will have the most knowledge and experience. They will possess leadership skills that are necessary when attempting to lead other professionals toward a common goal. Sometimes they will be called upon to act as a consultant for a team run by a Green Belt. The Green belt would be able to use the experience and knowledge of the Black belt should obstacles come up that were unexpected and unplanned for.

Black belt professionals that are at the top of their game have very effective communication skills. These skills are important keys to explaining procedures, tasks and expectations in ways that produce results from team members. Black belt professionals can also instinctively spot hidden individual team member talents and skills and delegate these individuals with tasks suited for these skills and talents that produce positive and logical results.

Actively listening is another skill that good Black belt professional leaders possess. Actively listening is much more intense than just listening and being on the receiving end of a one sided conversation. They get involved in the conversation and take into account all the opinions and input during the conversation from all team members and use this data to create successful answers from diversity. They truly believe that more minds will produce better results in the least amount of time.

A knowledgeable Black belt will be no stranger to all of the Six Sigma methods. When the situation calls for it, they will get assistance from Green belts to assemble and develop teams as well as design plans. They will also be available to consult Yellow belts who are the data collectors, analyzers and support the White belts that are the local level arrangers.

Other important functions they perform include working directly with organization leaders improving their performances and procedures in addition to improving job satisfaction and increase productivity while creating a new atmosphere within the organization for the employees to enjoy. They are also the go to professionals with answers about the Six Sigma methods being used Feature Articles, which include the popular and very effective DMADV model. In a nutshell they teach leaders to improve every area of a company using the Six Sigma success methods.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Significance

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification focuses on Six Sigma Methodology. Before going for this certification one is supposed to complete his online Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. The intention of this certification is identifying the opportunities area of improvement which helps an organization to run its processes smoothly less number of defects & variation. It also helps an organization to remove human dependency by modifying the policy & procedures, changing K R as as per requirement of the process to sustain the improvement level of any process. One can take his career to the next level by doing this certification as it provides rich knowledge about several tools and method while studying Six Sigma Methodology.

The certification of Six Sigma Master Black Belt is very useful to employees irrespective of their type & nature of work. Six Sigma Master Black Belts mainly spend their time on observing Black Belts, how they are executing & leading their projects.

Companies are trying to increase profit and decrease cost. With the help of six sigma, it can be achieved by doing the things better, faster & efficiently to grow any company. A master black belt ensures about all the activities towards better, faster & efficient performance are being carried out or not in proper manner. Master Black Belt also ensures the project completion within time by keeping the black belt on track.

An AR-Learners helps an organization in improving its processes by maximizing the benefit of Six Sigma initiative. By giving six sigma black belt training one is enabled with the skills of identifying errors or defects in a process to eliminate them. Six Sigma is a set of tools and mechanism which provides a great help in improving processes. Six Sigma Black Belt helps in becoming a specialist in process improvement and enhance careers growth & credibility.

A six sigma black belt certified can prove him/herself as an indispensable part of the organization by initiating a project. By a Six Sigma certification, one can convert an organization & make it enable to improve its business by identifying errors and implementing action plan post developing them. One will be enabled with the features of sustaining improvement in quality or any metric subject of interest. Errors or issues to initiate a project could be poor customer satisfaction score, invoice errors, customer complaints, customer resolution time, absenteeism issue, cost overrun etc.